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Titulo: Null controllability of the structurally damped wave equation with a moving control
Palestrante: Lionel Rosier (MINES ParisTech, França)

Data: 10/07/2019 
Horário: 12h 
Local: Instituto de Matemática – Bloco C – Sala C116 – Ilha do Fundão

Resumo: We investigate the null controllability of the wave equation with a Kelvin-Voigt damping. It is well known that the null controllability fails if the control region is fixed and strictly included in the space domain. We consider here a distributed control supported in a moving domain. We shall review recent results obtained by the speaker on this issue: (i) in dimension one (with P. Martin and P. Rouchon); (ii) in dimension N (with F. W. Chaves-Silva and E. Zuazua); (iii) in dimension two, with sharp geometric conditions (with P. Guzman).