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11 04 im noticia sextasmatemáticasTítulo: Mini-course. Limit theorems in dynamical systems using transfer operator methods

Palestrante: Douglas Coates, University of Exeter >< USP-São Carlos
1) 01/06 às 17:00 DMAT-PUC, sala 856
2) 05/06 às 13:00 IM-UFRJ, CT sala C-119
3) 16/06 às 10:00 IM-UFRJ, CT sala C-119


In this mini-course, we will discuss the so-called Nagaev spectral method: a method that exploits properties of the Ruelle-Perron-Frobenius transfer operator in order to establish limit theorems (such as the central limit theorem) for dynamical systems. The course will consist of three sessions. The first two sessions will be devoted to motivating the problem, introducing the required mathematical tools, and discussing some first properties of the transfer operator. In the final session, we will give explicit examples of proving the central limit theorem using the Nagaev method.

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