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05 03 Noticia ProbabilidadeProbability Seminar “New results for the simple parking process”

March 11, from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. (Rio de Janeiro local time)

Local: Sala C116, Instituto de Matematica - UFRJ

Speaker: Sandro Gallo (DEs -UFSCar)

Abstract: We consider the parking process on the grid with a simple occupancy scheme, which is defined as follows. Initially, all the sites in Λn := {−n, . . . , n} d are empty. At each step, a site is chosen uniformly at random in Λn and if it and its nearest neighbors are empty, the chosen site is occupied. Once occupied, the site remains so forever. We will discuss the statistical properties of the proportion of occupied sites for this model and for its thermodynamic limit defined on the integer grid Z d . This talk is based on ongoing work in collaboration with Alejandro Roldan (UdeA, Colombia), ´ Alexander Leon (UdeA, Colombia) and Cristian Coletti (UFABC, Brazil)

More complete information about the seminars can be found at DME