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IM Probability Seminar NoticiaTítle: Minimal distance between random orbits

Palestrante: Manuel Stadlbauer (IM-UFRJ)
Data: 21/08/2023
Horário: 15:30 às 16:30h
Local: C116 - Bloco C - CT – Instituto de Matemática – UFRJ.

Resumo: It is known for expanding dynamical systems and finite state Markov chains that the asymptotic behaviour of the minimal distance between two orbits up to time n is given by its correlation dimension.

In this talk, we will discuss this problem in a randomized setting with not necessarily expanding fibres. If the fibres and the basis of the random system
under consideration are sufficiently mixing, then a similar but more complex result holds: there are two relevant dimensions and, depending on the stochastic process in the

basis, either one or the other is dominant. In particular, there is a phase transition, which is unknown in the framework of a classical dynamical system.      

Informações mais completas sobre os seminários estão disponíveis AQUI.


Organizers: Giulio Iacobelli e Maria Eulalia Vares