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31 10 Noticia ColoquioTítulo: Survival of Renewal Contact Process

Palestrante:Rafael Souza dos Santos (IM-UFRJ)
Data: 14/08/2023
Horário: 15:30 às 16:30h
Local: C116 - Bloco C - CT – Instituto de Matemática – UFRJ.

Resumo: The renewal contact process, introduced in 2019 by Fontes, Marchetti, Mountford, and Vares, extends the Harris contact process by allowing the possible cure times to be determined according to independent renewal processes (with some interarrival distribution mu) and keeping the transmission times determined according to independent exponential times with a fixed rate lambda. In this talk we will discuss conditions on mu to have a positive and finite critical parameter in the renewal contact process. Joint work with Maria Eulalia Vares.


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