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15 09 im noticia Invariant measures of the Box Ball System withTítulo: Hydrodynamic limit of an exclusion process with vorticity

Palestrante: Davide Gabrielli (Università dell'Aquila)
Data: 20/09/2021
Horário: 15:00hrs às 16:00hrs
Local: Transmissão online

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Resumo: We construct an exclusion process with Bernoulli product invariant measure and having, in the diffusive hydrodynamic scaling, a non symmetric diffusion matrix, that can be explicitly computed. The antisymmetric part does not affect the evolution of the density but it is relevant for the evolution of the current. In particular because of that, the Fick's law is violated in the diffusive limit. Switching on a weak external field we obtain a symmetric mobility matrix that is related just to the symmetric part of the diffusion matrix by the Einstein relation. We show that this fact is typical within a class of generalized gradient models. We consider for simplicity the model in dimension $d=2$, but a similar behavior can be also obtained in higher dimensions. Joint work with L. De Carlo and P. Goncalves

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