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22 06 im noticia Long range Ising modelTítulo: Long-range Ising model and decaying fields- a contour approach

Palestrante: Lucas Affonso (IME-USP)
Data: 28/06/2021
Horário: 15:00h
Local: Transmissão online.

Confira AQUI o link para transmissão. 

Resumo: In 1982, Fröhlich and Spencer solved a long-standing conjecture about phase transition in a one-dimensional long-range Ising model for 1/r^2 interaction energy. After that, Cassandro, Ferrari, Merola, and Presutti extended the contour argument for other decays \alpha. In this talk, we address the multidimensional long-range Ising model, showing that a contour argument holds for all decays \alpha> d. As an application, we will show how our techniques can be used to study phase transition when the model has a decaying magnetic field.

The talk is based on joint work with Rodrigo Bissacot, Eric O. Endo, and Satoshi Handa.

All the talks are held in English.

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