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24 05 im noticia Facilitated Exclusion

Título: Facilitated Exclusion Processes

Palestrante: Eugene Speer, Rutgers University
Data: 26/05/2021
Horário: 13:00h
Local: Transmissão online

Confira AQUI o link para transmissão.
ID da reunião: 958 0581 3232

Resumo: Facilitated exclusion processes are lattice gasses in which a particle with an empty neighboring site can jump to that site only if it has also an occupied neighboring site. We will discuss three such models in one dimension, for both discrete-time and continuous-time dynamics and with varying degrees of asymmetry. We address two questions: What are the possible translation invariant stationary states? If the initial state is Bernoulli, what is the final state? This is joint work with Arvind Ayyer, Shelly Goldstein, and Joel Lebowitz.