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30 11 im noticia probabilitywebinarTítulo: Percolation on a randomly stretched lattice

Palestrante: Marcelo Richard Hilário (Dep. de Matemática - UFMG)
Data: 07/12/2020
Horário: 15:00
Local: Transmissão Online

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Resumo: We consider a stretched version of the square lattice where the distances between neighboring vertical columns are given by interarrival intervals of a renewal process. Hence, horizontal edges that link vertices in the same pair of vertical columns have a common random length while every vertical edge has length one. Conditioned on the realization of the lattice, we define a bond percolation model where edges are open with probabilities that depend on their length. We relate the question of whether the model undergoes a non-trivial phase transition to the moments of interarrival times of the renewal process governing the distance among columns. We will also discuss some other related percolation models defined on media with similar types of columnar disorder. Based on a joint work with Marcos Sá, Augusto Teixeira and Remy Sanchis.

All the talks are held in English.

Organizadores: Guilherme Ost and Maria Eulalia Vares