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Título: SRW on the plane conditioned on not hitting the origin
Palestrante: Daniel Ungaretti Borges (Unicamp)

Data: 11 de novembro de 2019 (segunda-feira)
Hora: 15:30 h
Local: B106-b – Bloco B - CT – Instituto de Matemática - UFRJ

Resumo: We will discuss the two-dimensional simple random walk conditioned on never hitting the origin, which is, formally speaking, the Doob’s h-transform of the simple random walk with respect to the potential kernel. This random walk is the main building-block of the construction of random interlacements on the plane introduced by Comets, Popov and Vachkovskaia. However, this walk has become an interesting object on its own. To justify this claim we present a few of its properties, citing some of the current literature and presenting the results of a recent joint work with Serguei Popov (UNICAMP) and Leonardo Rolla (UBA/NYU Shanghai).