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Título: The Luce model with replicas
Palestrante: José Heleno Faro (Insper)

Data: 7 de outubro de 2019 (segunda-feira)
Hora: 15:30 
Local: B106-b – Bloco B - CT – Instituto de Matemática - UFRJ

Resumo: We propose the notion of replicas in the context of discrete choices and introduce axioms that support which we call the Luce model with replicas. Unlike other relations proposed in the literature that can deal with the duplicates problem, ours entails replicas as a combination of duplicates and stochastically perfect substitutes, which induces a partition of the entire set of alternatives into endogeneous nests of replicas. Our model is less restrictive than Luce.s model and more parsimonious than the available models that may deal with the violation of the constant-ratio rule anticipated by Debreu (1960).

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