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Título: A non-local and non-linear SPDE
Palestrante: Leandro Charini Medeiros (IMPA)

Data: 16/09/2019 (segunda-feira)
Horário: 15:30
Local: Sala B106-b (Bloco B - CT), Instituto de Matematica - UFRJ 

Resumo: In this presentation, we will discuss the existence of a local solution to the equation ∂tX = −(−∆) 1/2X − sinh(γX) + ξ, where (−∆)1/2 is the half-laplacian, and ξ is the space-time white noise. As the solution is not point-wise welldefined function, we will have to define the meaning of sinh(γX). We will also discuss the basic ideas between da Pratto-Debusche approach to non-linear SPDE’s and more modern techniques, such as regularity structures.