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3894aa55 de87 47f2 8d24 cc2cd8dc9d8cTítulo: Spectrum of differential operators with elliptic adjoint on a scale of localized Sobolev spaces.

Data: 14/06/2023
Horário: 12:00h
Local: C-116
Palestrante: Luís Salge (UFRJ)

Resumo: In this work we present a complete study about the spectrum of a constant coefficients differential operator of order m a positive integer, a(D), whose adjoint a(D)* is elliptic, seen as a pseudo-differential operator on an interval I.  The best conclusions we obtain are when we consider the Laplace operator on an interval I defined on a Sobolev space of order 2, i.e., H^{2}_{0}(I) with the topology induced by the L^{2}_{loc} which is a Fréchet space. For it, we calculate its closure and their types of spectrum.