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04 02 IM Noticia PalestrasPPGTítulo: A skewness and kurtosis comparison for continuous distributions

Palestrante: Fernanda De Bastiani (UFPE)
Data: 10/02/2021
Horario: 15:30h
Local: Transmissão online.

Confira AQUI o link para a transmissão.

Resumo: The main goal of this work is to compare the skewness and kurtosis of continuous distributions. It compares their moment skewness and kurtosis and compares their centile skewness and kurtosis. It shows the flexibility in skewness and kurtosis of different continuous distributions (within the gamlss R package), which is informative in the selection of an appropriate distribution. It introduces the bucket plot, a visual tool to detect skewness and kurtosis in a continuously distributed random variable. Join work with R. A. Rigby D. M. Stasinopoulos, G. Z. Heller and L. A. Silva.

A sala será aberta sempre 10 minutos antes do início de cada sessão.