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Título: On the Connection Between Kolmogorov Microscales and Friction in Pipe Flows of Purely Viscous Fluids
Palestrante: Daniel Cruz (Programa de Engenharia Mecânica, Coppe/UFRJ)

Data: 05/04/2019
Hora: 10h30
Local: IM-UFRJ, CT, sala C-116

Resumo: The present work describes the ideas behind the extension of Kolmogorovâ’s micro-scales to a large family of viscoplastic fluids. The new micro-scales lead to a unified framework for the description of the friction coefficient in turbulent flows. A resulting Blasius-type friction equation is tested against some available experimental data and shows good agreement over a significant range of Hedstrom and Reynolds numbers. The work also comments on the role of the new expression as a possible benchmark test for the convergence of DNS simulations. The formula also provides limits for the maximum drag reduction of purely viscous flows.