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Palestra: Stationary states of symmetric exclusion processes with complex boundary dynamics
Palestrante: Tiecheng Xu (IMPA)

Data: 15 de abril de 2019 (segunda-feira)
Horário: 15:30h
Local: Sala B106-a (Bloco B - CT), Instituto de Matemática - UFRJ

Resumo: In this talk we will discuss the stationary sates of the one-dimensional, boundary driven, symmetric exclusion processes with some non-reversible boundary dynamics. We mainly focus on the exclusion processes whose boundary dynamics are the small perturbation of flipping dynamics. I am going to explain how to derive the hydrostatic limit of this type of processes using duality techniques. If time permits, I will also mention the results for the processes with some other types of boundary dynamics. Joint work with C. Erignoux and C. Landim.