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14 12 IM Seminario noticiaTítulo: KPZ fluctuations of the Wick ordered planar stochastic heat equation

Palestrante: Alejandro Ramírez (PUC-Chile)
Data: 09/12/2022
Horário: 15:00h
Local: Transmissão online

Confira AQUI o link para a transmissão.

Resumo: We give a rigorous formulation of the Wick ordered stochastic heat equation, with planar white noise, whose solution is the free energy of an undirected random polymer, using a version of the Skorokhod integral. The solution is represented as an L^1 limit of a martingale given by the Feynman-Kac formula. We also show that the fundamental solution far from the center has fluctuations given by the 1+1 KPZ equation. This is a joint work with Jeremy Quastel and Balint Virag.

The talk will be held in English.

More complete information about the seminars will be available HERE.