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04 04 NOTICIA IMA Relative entropy and sharp convergence to stationarity 1Título: Relative entropy and sharp convergence to stationarity of the exclusion process

Palestrante : Milton Jara (IMPA)
Data : 11/04/2022
Horário : 15:00h (Rio de Janeiro local time)
Local : Transmissão online

Confira AQUI o link para transmissão.

Resumo: After comprehensive work by Lacoin et al., the convergence to equilibrium of the one-dimensional exclusion process is well understood. In particular, the mixing time and cut-off window are explicitly known. For the particular example of the reversible exclusion process in contact with reservoirs, we show how the mixing time depends on initial conditions which are relevant in the hydrodynamic limit of the exclusion process. The proof relies on log-Sobolev inequalities, relative entropy methods and the CLT for the density of particles. Joint work with Patricia Gonçalves (Lisbon), Rodrigo Marinho (Porto Alegre) and Otávio Menezes (West Lafayette).

All the talks are held in English. 

More complete information about the seminars will be available at HERE.