Dynamical systems on k3 surfaces

Let us consider the surface defined by the polynomial equation P(x, y, z) = 0 where P is of degree 2 in each coordinate. This suite of programs is aimed to study the dynamical system formed by composing the 3 involutions of the surface given by the permutation of roots in one coordinate when the two others are fixed. There are tools for both real and complex scalars which can draw orbits of the system, points distributions, or the stable manifold in the real case.

These programs are based on the ones written by Curtis McMullen.

To build and use the programs, you'll need a ANSI C compiler (such as GCC or ICC). If you have it installed on your system, the FFTW library can be used to compute Fast Fourier Transforms. Some optional scrips require perl.

The latest version is 3.2.2, available since 2007-11-13. Feel free to read the list of changes.

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