• Institution: Departamento de Matemática da UFRJ
  • Position: Adjunct Professor
  • E-mail: maurizio(dot)monge with domain im(dot)ufrj(dot)br
  • Research Interests: Computation in Ergodic Theory, Functional Analysis, Symbolic Dynamics and Interaction of Dynamics with Number Theory
  • Office: CT-ABC-28 in the CT of UFRJ-IM (“Sala de professores” in the “Corredor ABC”)
  • Office phone: +55 (21) 3938-7505 (insert the “Ramal” code 251 after the voice message)
  • Office hours: 14h-15h on Tuesday and Thursday (for current semester 2017/2), please send me an e-mail if you would like to meet at a different hour/day
  • Teaching duties:
    • 8h-10h on Tuesday-Thursday (Calculus 4), A205
    • 10h-12h on Tuesday-Thursday (Calculus 3), D116
    • 15h-17h on Tuesday-Thursday (Integration), B108b