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O IM recebeu o periódico científico "Publications of the Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences" em nossa biblioteca e seguem para conhecimento, os títulos dos artigos publicados em junho deste ano, v.55, n.2:

- Fujita-Type Blow-Up for Discrete Reaction–Diffusion Equations on Networks
Soon-Yeong Chung, Min-Jun Choi and Jea-Hyun Park
pp. 235–258

- Weak Triebel–Lizorkin Spaces with Variable Integrability, Summability and Smoothness
Wenchang Li and Jingshi Xu
pp. 259–282

- Stability of Restrictions of the Cotangent Bundle of Irreducible Hermitian Symmetric Spaces of Compact Type
Indranil Biswas, Pierre-Emmanuel Chaput and Christophe Mourougane
pp. 283–318

- Quotient Families of Elliptic Curves Associated with Representations of Dihedral Groups
Ryota Hirakawa and Shigeru Takamura
pp. 319–367

- q-Crystal Structure on Primed Tableaux and on Signed Unimodal Factorizations of Reduced Words of Type BB
Toya Hiroshima
pp. 369–399

- A p-adic Analytic Approach to the Absolute Grothendieck Conjecture
Takahiro Murotani
pp. 401–451