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Título: Dimension Group and Cantor Minimal Systems
Palestrante: Maryam Hosseini (Institute for Research in Fundamental Sciences, Teerã (Irã))

Data: 24/04/2019 (quarta feira)
Horário: 15:15
Local: IM-UFRJ, CT, sala C-116

Resumo: Dimension Group was firstly introduced in K-theory by George Elliott in 1977 as a direct limit of finitely generated groups. Later during 1993-95 people who were working on applications of operator algebra in topological dynamics on Cantor set, used this notion to make topological analogues of Dye's theorem in ergodic theory which says that every two ergodic systems on non-atomic probability spaces are isomorphic. In this talk, I will firstly review some definitions, examples and the aforesaid application of Dimension group and then will go through some new applications of that in knowing dynamical systems on Cantor set.