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Palestra: Non-convergence of equilibrium states at zero temperature for geodesic flows
Palestrante: Felipe Riquelme (PUC-Valparaiso, Chile)

Data: 04/03/2020 (quarta feira)
Horário: 15:15
Local: IM-UFRJ, CT, sala C-116

Resumo: In this talk we will be interested on the study of ground states at zero temperature for positive Hölder-continuous potentials under the dynamic of the geodesic flow in negative curvature over non-compact manifolds. More precisely, for F: X -> R a vanishing at infinity positive potential, we will study the asymptotic behavior of the equilibrium state m(tF) for the potential tF as t tends to infinity. We will primarily focus our attention in the construction of such a potential describing non-convergence at the limit. This is a joint work with Anibal Velozo.